Permanent Ice Rinks

Where it concerns year-round usage, solutions are needed that are both resilient yet uncomplicated nonetheless and as environmentally friendly as possible. AST Ice Mats or AST Icephalt® ice rinks and AST concrete pistes can be adapted to various applications and environmental conditions. These three methods were developed by us, with the aim of combining simple construction techniques, short construction times, cost security, environmental awareness and maximum quality. We have proven that we have been able to achieve that goal, with a large number of projects for international customers.

The advantages at a glance:

For permanent ice rinks cooling pipes are cast in asphalt or concrete. The material used depends on the application and the environmental influences. With AST Icephalt® ice rinks the ice surface of winter changes in summer to a sports surface or becomes a solar system. We thereby make use of the elastic property of the asphalt material, which does not allow any cracks to develop, even with high differences in temperature. With AST concrete pistes we utilize all our many years of expertise and ensure both maximum quality standards with cost security at the same time.