Mobile Ice Rinks

Event highlight or high class sports event, little winter fairy tale or great dream on ice, with mobile ice rinks we realize globally your Vision in Ice. We pull out all the stops when it involves developing solutions with maximum flexibility and individuality for city marketing, tourism and sports events, that are both durable as well as energy- and cost efficient at the same time. We get to grips intensively with your project, employ the right competencies and provide a maximum of experience with projects of different magnitudes and requirements.

What sets us apart:

It is our technical expertise and our holistic approach, with which we set about dealing with your project. Our high quality ice mats form the basis. With these we construct ice rinks of all shapes and sizes, over every distance, with 180-degree curves or even circular, with extreme inclines and slopes. We are happy to accompany complete projects, from the initial planning and project management through to realization. As a result we create the preconditions, so that your mobile ice rink becomes a success in every respect.

With AST EasyCHILL - the optionally integrated and highly efficient energy manager app - we enable our customers to have full control over their energy-saving ice rink at all times. AST EasyCHILL provides the most important parameters at a glance. This allows us to combine the best ice quality with significantly reduced energy consumption.

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