WM ice technics

The South Tyrolean company WM ice technics describes itself as innovation pioneer for ice resurfacing machines. With justification, because here future-oriented technologies are developed enthusiastically to series maturity. Their products can be found in professional sport as well as in the leisure and event sector. There is a perfect ice resurfacing machine for every application.

WM Mammoth

The professional machine for outstanding ice quality in the stadium comes with everything for perfect ice care: powerful and maintenance-free AC motors, a combinable snow- and water tank volume and an ultra-fast blade-changing system. Compactly designed, it resurfaces ice areas up to 1,800 m2 quickly and efficiently and the most comfortable working environment for the user.

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WM Shira

Also created for efficient ice resurfacing in the stadium, Shira distinguishes itself with powerful drive of electric motors as well as a combinable snow- and water tank volume, that guarantees a flexible application. WM Shira scores with its excellent cost-performance ratio and creates perfect ice quality on surfaces of up to 1,800 m2.

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WM Compact

The WM Compact is the professional machine for smaller skating rinks and larger mobile ice rinks. For outdoors there is a powerful diesel engine drive available, for indoors the emission-free electric model. The robust Compact planes the ice like large professional machines, is simple to operate and provides maximum comfort on surfaces of up to 1,200 m2.

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WM Pinguino

Whether a sports event or skating on mobile ice rinks: With the manoeuvrable WM Pinguino the cleaning and care is effortless. With its compact overall dimensions, it is not inferior to the larger professional machines in any way. Modern design, high class quality and simple maintenance make it a preferred product for ice surfaces of up to 800 m2.

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The WM evo2 is the champion among the ice resurfacing machines. With its performance, it is used on ice circuits or stadiums and on really large surfaces of up to 4,200 m2. Diesel-, petrol- or electric motors provide the powerful drive. The large combinable snow- and water tank volume enables flexible use.

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