Manual Ice Maintenance

Along dasher boards, large ice resurfacing machines without onboard Edger reach their limits and manual improvement must be carried out. Powerful edgers produce a clean result and finest ice up to the edge.

For smaller or medium-sized ice surfaces manual solutions are often sufficient to make the fun on ice perfect. From the edger to the thermal ice smoother, we provide you with all you need for regular care and maintenance.

Zamboni EZIII Edger electric

Edger for the professional resurfacing of dasher board edges with 4,800 Watt electric motor, 3x55 Ah rechargeable battery, 35 cm milling width, a weight of 113 kg, indexable inserts and robust steel construction.

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Zamboni Edger petrol

This petrol-driven edger is available with manual- or electric starter. The powerful 10.5 hp Briggs & Stratton motor, the milling width of 45 cm, the overall weight of 68 kg and essential protective guards make it a reliable, robust and efficient partner.

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AST Draco (thermal ice smoother)

The surface burner melts the top of the ice, which is then frozen again to form a smooth ice surface. With a working width of 75 cm and an electric Piezo ignition, with an output of 82 kW and a gas consumption of 6 kg per hour it achieves outstanding results.


AST Wiper (manual wiper)

For water-saving ice maintenance the AST Wiper is a popular choice. The working width of 120 cm, the water regulation by means of ball cock on the handle, the solid water connection with 3/4 inch Geka coupling and a weight of 10.5 kg make it a practical tool.


AST Ice Scraper

Ice scrapers are indispensible for the care and maintenance of smaller ice rinks and for the support in the ice stadium. Due to the steel blade neat residue-free working is possible. A robust, long metal handle, the aluminium shovel element with exchangeable blade and the width of 120 cm facilitate handling.