AST Dasher Boards
for high demands

Dasher boards serve both the safety as well as the delimitation and for events must also fulfil optical criteria. For professional sport, different dasher boards are required than for public skating, different for conventional ice rinks than for extraordinary events. We adapt our dasher board systems to the different applications and individual customer requirements. They satisfy safety standards and quality standards and are always constructed in compliance with regulations in coordination with the respective associations. For this we utilise the know-how and the experience from numerous projects that we have realised over the past three decades.

Professional Ice Hockey

Dasher board systems for professional ice hockey must combine safety, quality and conformity with regulations and also be suitable for temporary use.

Inline Hockey

These dasher board systems have been adopted from ice hockey sport and feature additional resilience for the year-round usage outdoors.

Hobby & Leisure

Besides the high quality construction, dasher boards for the popular temporary skating rinks in cities and for events offer a variety of design options.