Artificial turf heating

Whether in football or other types of sport, where artificial turf is used for training, a heating system during the cold season ensures that the ground remains free of snow and ice. The artificial turf heating developed by AST is the most efficient system on the market. It distinguishes itself through low energy consumption and offers an outstanding cost-performance ratio. Apart from this, it is the only one that does not need any environmentally harmful antifreeze. Several German professional clubs, including FC Bayern München, VfB Stuttgart or TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, rely on artificial turf heating systems from AST.

The technology under the artificial turf

The AST heating mats form the main components of the system. The thermal energy generated by the heating source is transmitted to the water filling of the system and the warm water is transported through the mat system with a pump. Since the heating mats are situated directly under the artificial turf, the heat loss is approx. 50 % less than with conventional systems. A low flow temperature of approx. + 24 °C is sufficient to keep the turf free of snow.