AST - International leadership in absorber technology

AST is a globally active enterprise, headquartered in Reutte/Tirol, and an innovation, technology and market leader in absorber systems.

Since its foundation 30 years ago, AST has made significant contributions to the advance of the technology with solutions for mobile and fixed ice rinks, snow cooling systems, solar power plants for swimming pools and artificial turf heating. Over the years, many projects and sports facilities have been completed successfully with innovative solutions designed to minimise energy consumption and maximise cost efficiency, giving more people access to recreational or competitive sport.

Whether the need is for a small system for the short term or rental, or building of a full-size, permanent venue, AST knows the requirements, develops and include improvements and reliably deliver a product of superior performance and quality.

This is our claim, and this is how we will work for you.

Moscow - 24,000 ice skaters per day

Moscow residents have been meeting in Gorky Park to go ice skating since 2011.

The ice rink covers over 21,000 m², and its layout is changed every year. The Moscow City Ice Rink is open from November to March every year. On days of heaviest use, more than 24,000 skaters have purchased admission tickets.

100 million kWh solar energy yield per year

When all of the solar absorber plants installed are counted together, our customers recover in the order of 50,000,000 kWh of thermal energy per year. If this is converted into heating oil, that would be equivalent to 6 million litres, or approximately the consumption of 750 lorries. The associated CO2 emissions would equal 18,000,000 kg.

Incredible, this AST solar absorber!

New cooperation with Linked Events

Linked Events is a consortium of well-known companies that have established themselves in the events sector. As a part of this group, we are responsible for ice technology. Other members concern themselves with organising and provide resources in management and catering. Together, we can provide and successfully stage all-inclusive "Ice Events".